Tuesday, 31 July 2012

More Salmon flies.

 Still been tying salmon flies, this is one small order to go to Scotland. the top fly is the Kinermony killer flamethower, a Scottish fly tied by one of the spey gillies. it was shown  in the July Trout and Salmon magazine, and have to say like the fly very much. it has all the colors for a salmon fly, and will say have had a lot of orders for it. will be fishing it on the river Towy salmon for sure, 
 The set of six flies that was my first order, 
 This fly above, is one i have been using for a few years. and glad to say it has caught a few salmon and sewin,

 And as you can see by the flies above, the tyne Toucan is still in big demand. tied on 3/4" copper tube. and size 8 doubles. 
And above the full lot, i have tied many more flies over the last month. but not had the time to post a lot. trying to get out my orders plus a bit of fishing which has been very hard work this season.,


  1. They look great. Keep up the great work.

  2. Hi Chris, Sorry so long in reply, just been up to my eyes in orders.
    but it is slowing down now, with luck will get out and get a bit of fishing in.
    Next weekend tying at the Bala north Wales gamefair,
    And in eight weeks, off to BC to get a bit of salmon fishing in.

    Regards, Dai.