Monday, 25 June 2012

BFFI,British Fly Fair International.

 Well last weekend was the BFFI show, this is the one to go to if you are into fly tying and fly fishing. and have to say thank you Steve and Bridgette for the invite to tie at the show, there stall with every thing you need for the fly tying game. 
 Above my good mate Gareth Lewis, the best man for micro flies.
 And above a good mate Gwylim Hughes, look at that look. what woman could get away after a look like that.
 Gwylim, hard at work with the Beatles.
 Top Irish tier, Peter Keley. nice to catch up and have a good chat with Peter over the weekend, 
 Good old Douglas, great tier of pike flies.
 Close up of one of a lovely pike fly.
 Here they are, Deercreeks boys and girl, Nick Jen back, and Rick and Oliver.
 Dave Wiltshire, tying is great mini flies.
 Dave Ridding, great tier of salmon and sea trout flies. will say picked up a few great tip off him, over the weekend.
 Above, some of Dave's snake flies. 
 What can i say about this man,Paul Little the man that can tie the best flies. and you can learn a lot off him for sure, i will be at his three day class for sure next year. 
 Above a close up of Paul's fly, that he as just finished.  
 Above my good old mate Jindra, tying his fantastic grayling bugs.

Above, David Gurong tying some of is great flies, David is a fine tied of many styles. and below is lovely wife Isabelle, great with here drawing skill at drawing. 

 A photo of a half finished drawing of a salmon fly.
 Above my mate Dewi John Williams. tying is great wet mayflies, and his spey flies.
 Bruno, One fine French classic salmon fly tier.
 Steve Oz, on the Foxy tail stand, another fine salmon fly tier, and in the back ground. big Chris chatting up Sue for some freebees i bet, nice to catch up Sue.
 Above some of Sue's new colors, have to say. some of the best dyeing i have seen for a long time,,
 Here he is, Sean Jones tying some of his great Grayling bugs.
And yours truely, having a go at tying. Cant wait till next year,

Monday, 18 June 2012

Welsh Game Fair, 16/17 June.

 Last Weekend i spent at the Welsh game fair, with some of my old fly tying mate's. Saturday was a very wet one and i did think it would have been a wash out, but have to say we had a lot of visitors to the tent. these events are great for catching up with mates that come to the show, to see the tiers and and also pick up flies and gear. plus the new ones who want to get into fly tying and see how its done, plus also its good if you want to get a few lessons on casting a fly. those that did had a treat as teaching on the day was Hywel Morgan, and his two lovely girls Yasmin 13. who at the young age of 12 was the UK salmon casting champion, and have to say on the day she showed off her skills.and not to forget little Tanya aged 7, who could teach a few adults a few things about casting for sure. in the photo above are the three amigos tying on the two days.        

 Above, well known tier and sewin angler Peter Jones.
Above, Malcolm Edwards well know compiton fly fisher and fly tier.
 Above, Hywel and Yasmin going thought the in's and out of casting to the crowd.

 And above, Hywel, Yasmin and Tanya showing how its done. what a great show and with the young girls adding a lot to it,
 Some of the the people,watching the casting show on the Sunday.
 In our tent also was the Welsh Ladies international fly team.and Yasmin Morgan great team to have in the tent with you, very good fun they were to.
 Above, some of the saltwater bass flies i tied at the show.
 Plus above, some of the sewin / salmon flies i tied. its amazing how many want to take the flies after watching you tie them,.

And on the way home, i had to have a look at the river Towy. as the rain we have had over the last few days put it up over two meters, when this lot calms down there is going to be some great fishing. can't wait to get out.

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Off the mark, First night trip on river Towy.

 Hi Guys, I have have not been very well of late, got rushed in to hospital with a suspected brain bleed (tumer). thank God it was a virus that went to the brain and it has been sorted now, my blood count was 260 over 190. no wounder i thought my head was going to blow OFF,
Anyway my mate Dennis and i manged to get out last night, after a bit of Sewin fishing. and what a great night we had, lost a very good fish on the off but made up for it as the night went on. all the fish i had were all between 53/4 to about 6lb, all falling to my snake flies.

And above a nice 10lb sewin, again caught on one of my snake flies. this time a sparkler snake fly, one i have not put up on the blog. but will put up a photo soon, well done Andy on this one.

 Here showing the snake fly in fishes mouth, black and silver.

 Here my mate Dennis, with his only fish of the night. funny how that happens, you can be out together one catching all the time Ha Ha. and the other struggling to get a take, so i had a break and asked Dennis what fly he was using. gave him one of my snake flies and bang second cast this cracker about 9lb, it made his night and mine for sure. 
And here one of the fish being returned, to carry on there journey to spawn for coming years. more rain due this weekend so look out next week,