Wednesday, 19 September 2012

On the river Towy today.

 Well manged to get out today, and meet up with my old mate John Watkins. John and i go back a long way, we fished a lot on the Gower for Bass. long before the nets men started fishing for them, when there was no value on them. and every gully/ rock point & estuary had tons of bass and other fish swimming around them, John and myself were very lucky to be about then. to see such high stocks of fish about, that i feel sorry that anglers starting fishing now and in the last 10 years will never see. it was nothing them days to have between 30 to 60 sewin in a nights fishing, and have many salmon as well. and the bass fishing was out of this world, and it was nothing to be in your boat. and see shoals of the five mile long and as wide off the Worms head or shoals off the shore. its very sad the way its gone, and from what i see no one can do any thing to stop the murder of the fish. well better stop this now feeling very sad about,
 Above John, coming down behind me on the Towy. weather was spot on nice and cloudy but a strong wind was blowing.
 Above, John down past me, at the end of the pool. as he went though as i was changing flies,
 Above, my fly box.
 Above a closer look, you can see the small shrimp on the rod, tied on a size 10 treble.
 Was a lot of damage on the banks this year, after all the rain this summer.
 I changed from the treble, to a bottle tube. as i as wading down and the pool was deeper,
 Its amazing, how much movement you can get out of bucktail.a fish did take this one, but came adrift after a few seconds.have to say the river has not fished like it does, i put it down to the unsettled  weather we have had all summer.roll on next season hope the weather is better,
 At the bottom pool, the bank and tree has collapsed with the water this year. boy has the river change,
 My outing the other week, i fish up river from the photos above. this one showing it at dusk.
 This photo, is same area before it got dark.

And the two photos above, showing another area i enjoy fishing.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Tomorrows tube flies.

 Hi Guys, Been tying a few this morning, as i have been having withdrawal systems. not getting out on the river, so tied these tubes up for a afternoons fishing on the river Towy. it been turning up a good few salmon, there are some very big tides this week. and the high water is about 8 to 9 pm, so we might see a few come off. plus i will be meeting an old mate of mine John Watkins, i have not fished with john must be about 30years plus so looking forward to that.
 Above, the Junction shrimp tubes, tied on brass tubes  1",  3/4",  1/2"   long.
 1" long Willegunn brass tube,
 The set, 1", 3/4" , 1/2" long brass tubes again.
 This is my Magenta & Hot pink Willegunn.
 The set, again on brass tube 1", 3/4", 1/2" long.
Above the three sets, roll on tomorrow.

And above, i had these in the post this morning off Fly fishing & fly tying . was over the moon, nice to know some one thinks i can tie a fly.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Sundays morning ties.

 Been at it again, here are some of my morning ties. yesterday had in orders for another 300 salmon flies. and a 100 saltwater shrimp flies, things have gone mad again for flies. but one thing it keeps me out of the pubs,
All the ties are off to Ireland and Scotland.
 Above, the Kyley tube, red head.
 The black head, Kyley tube.
 The Kyley shrimp fly, above on a Deercreek gold size 6 double.
 1/2" Long bottle tube, Kinermony killer.
 3/4" Long cone head,Kinermony killer.
 Above, My color combo, 3/4" Long tube.
 3/4"Long Toucan cone head, tube.
 Above the full set,
 And above, a set of Calvin shrimps.
 My take on the Junction shrimp, on a Deercreek size 6 double.
And the double, Wilkinson tied again on a Deercreek double.the doubles are samples for orders, hope they like the two patterns.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

A few of this weeks ties.

 Been tying a lot this week, as i have stop my fishing for this season. last week i was out night fishing, and put my foot down a pot hole. and pulled my Kaile's tendon so my foot and lower leg is strapped up. so going to save myself for five weeks as i am off the BC salmon fishing , just cant wait for that trip.
Above a fly i have been tying the last two months, the Kinermony Killer flamethrower great looking fly in the water.
Above, A lovely salmon, caught this morning on the river Towy. cracking fight Ken said, and returned to the water to do her job.caught on one of my waddington willieguns, well done Ken.
 Above, the Kinermony Killer flamethrower on a 3/4" Ally tube.
 And above the KKFT, on a 1" copper tube.
 Above, another popular fly, the Calvin shrimp. lots of these gone out the last four weeks,
 Some of the KKFT's today,
 And a few Calvin shrimps.
 And the Toucans still in demand,
 Above, some of my ties this week.
 Some of to days,
 Above, flies sent out to one of my local sewin anglers. 
 2" Long silver squirrel & teal.
 11/2" Long silver squirrel &silver.
 2" long Medicine snake,
 2" Medicine tube tube,
 11/2" long Medicine tube,
 Some snake flies done last night; and picked and fishing the river Neath last night and tonight. before Dale go's back home,.
And have made a start on my BC flies, been playing with my new Snaketruders. a nice flexy body fly,