Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Saltwater Sewin(sea trout) Patterns.

This coming season, i intend to do a lot more saltwater fishing for Sewin & Salmon. more so for the Sewin. as i have in the past, caught them when fly fishing for bass. and found a few areas that these fish hold and feed, so must give it a good go for these fantastic fighting fish. there is just nothing like hooking one of these big fish in the dark,

 Above are some close ups, of the shrimp patterns i will be using.
 Above are all the colors together, all tied on size 4 Kamasan B175 heavy sproat hooks.
 And above, are some of the sandeel patterns. that i will also be using, these are tied on Nash long shank size 4, and the trailing hook is a VMC also size 4.   
 And these two photo's, showing close ups of the heads.

Friday, 27 January 2012

Sewin, Squirrel hair tube's.

Here are some tube's,that i use for my sewin fishing.
they are all tied on Aluminium tube's, which i use a lot more than any other type of tube. i find it light enough to cut to size, to suit all my fishing needs.
if i need heavier tube's, i will add cones. or cut tubes to size out of brass or copper, 
I buy my tubes in packs of 5 x 12" inch long lengths,
It is tubing, that is used for modeling,
the ones here are all 11/2" inch long. and i cut them to other sizes, from 1/2" inch to 21/2" inch long.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Snake flies, for sewin & salmon.

 Here are a few colors, of the snake flies i use for my sewin and salmon fishing. these flies are great giving a nice slim profile, and nice and light giving the fly lots of movement in the water. These are all 11/2" long,

Friday, 20 January 2012


 Here are a few Intruders, i tied up for Sewin ( Sea Trout) fishing last season.
As we had a lot of Dam water very cold and stale water (not good) in the river last season,
putting the fish down and hard to find.
But these with the bulk and weight, did the job finding them.
I will be tying up more soon, but have posted these as a taster.
They were all tied on Canadian tube company tubes,
I was sent a lot of there tubes, by Stuart Anderson the owner of the company to try out.
And have to say, his tubes and tying materials are top class, when i tie up the new tube for this season.
will put up a step by step,

The Intruders below, were tied for an angler in scotland.  

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Part two, chasing the Ladies.

 Well here is part two of the days fishing, after getting to the river Ewenny. things were still not going my way, i parked up the car. got over the fence by the club hut, looked in the river and it was in color. this was mad as we had not had any rain, but a good look around. and i found the problem. horses had got in the river and were coloring it, so i thought enough is enough. lets go home and get out another day,

Anyway, here are a few shots of the type of bugs i use. plus a few shots, of some of the parts i fish on the river Ewenny. a small river by what a place to fish out of the way from the crowds, and some great Grayling and trout fishing. plus the odd sewin and salmon,

Anyway, next time on there. i will keep my fingers
crossed, and show you a few of the fish that swim it.    

Looking up river, passed the club hut.

Top photo, looking down river just above the cow crossing.

Above a closer look at the weir, and cow crossing.

Looking down river, from road bridge,

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

A few hours, chasing the ladies.

 Today, I managed to get out for a bit of Grayling fishing, water was very low, and clear but very cold. all looked very good for the fishing, spoke to soon. i fished the river Taff for a few hours, but only a few takes. it was hard going with the grayling very hard to hook up, and the ones i hooked did not stay one long enough to land and take a few pic's of them. so thought i would get a coffee, and make a move to the river Ewenny. which is only about 10 miles down the road, from Taffswells. I well up load a few photo's tomorrow of the river Ewenny,

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Irish shrimp patterns, Tied on tubes.

For my Sewin and salmon fishing, i use a lot of shrimp patterns. these are all tied on plastic tubes, but also tie them on copper and Ally tubes. depending on the water levels, 
Also tie them on singles and double hooks, Hope you like them. will post other patterns that i tie also,