Wednesday, 25 October 2017

End of the sewin & salmon season 2017

Hi guys, Yes it's here again, the end of the season for another year. roll on April 2018 but time now to get some grayling fishing done over the winter, plus a bit of saltwater fishing. but first a few pictures of the past season and a few flies,

 Above, my fish partner Bob, with his best salmon of our river Tweed trip. about 15/16lb from the junction pool.
 A view up to the junction pool,
 One of our boats on the junction pool.
 Again, another view of the junction pool,
 Looking down the river Tweed to road bridge.

 Above, three more views of the Tweed.
 Above, A set of flies tied for Sir Gareth Edwards, i tied for him for a trip this month to the river Tweed. and again he will be fishing the Junction pool, i tied these as they are colors and sizes that are catching.
 Red Ally shrimp,
 Red and yellow cascade,
 Red cascadem with front badger hackle.
 Every salmon angler should have one of these in there box.
 Cascade variant on a 1" tube.
 Black and yellow tube 1".
 Red and white tube 1",
 A few FRANC N SNAELDA TUBES sizes 10mm & 14mm.
 Red and yellow 10mm tube.
 Red 14mm above,
 Some general practitioners pink and purple.
 Pink above,
 Purple above,
 Above, some of the mini Intruders i tied for myself. just love intruders.
 Some tubes tied for a customer in Scotland,
 A close up of the 1" tube.
 Above, some Junction shrimps i use a lot myself.
 3/4" junction shrimp  copper tube, 
 size 8 junction shrimp,

 Above, four views of the river Wye at Wyesham.
 Orange and yellow 25mm intruder,
 Orange and yellow 35mm intruder,
 Orange GP Intruder 25mm,
 Orange GP Intruder 35mm,
 Above, A set of flies i tied for a customer in Norway.
 Some red frances these did take five salmon in one day, the last week of the season on the Abercothi estate rivers Cothi and Towy.
 Above, 14mm
Above 10mm,
 25mm intruder,
 25mm intruder,
 25mm intruder,
 25mm intruder,
 Again 25mm intruders, in colors that fish very well for salmon and sewin, in the dark and flooding water. 

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Charmer snake flies and more.

 Hi Guys,Not posted here for some time, but will be back here every month from now on. the first three photos is of my last article in flyfishing and flytying magazine, its about my charmer snake flies on how to tie and fish them. these pattern i have posted have all fished very well for sewin {sea trout} and salmon.

 Above, Some of the tyings i have sent out.

 Above, Some tubes sent to Scotland forSewin.

 Above, Are some of my Tube Intruders. these are 1/12" long,

 Late in June i will be off to Scotland, to fish the river Tweed on the Juntion pool for 5 days really looking for to that. and started tying flies for that, made a start on tying some mini Intruders 25mm and 15mm long.

 Above, Some wake flies tie for a mate who lives in west Wales. for the Welsh sewin there,

 Above, Top view,
 Above some 35mmand 25mm waddingtons gone to Scotland.

And above, a ordersent off to Italy, hope the fish well for you Pietro.