Saturday, 25 January 2014

Speys, Dee's and ties.

 Hi, Well it's coming close to the British Fly Fair International show, so i thought i had better get some practice in. tying some Spey / Dee flies in between my orders, i really like tying some free style flies my own patterns. plus fishing them and hopefully catching a few fish on them, so here are a few i have done over the last few days hope you like them.  above top view of a Dee pattern showing the delta wing set,
 Above, showing side view and orange dyed heron trailing feathers.
 Above an other tie, using heron again plus Golden pheasant topping crest feathers.
 And above, showing the full fly.
 And above, a traditional Spey fly. like the other ties above tied on a size 4.
 And above, some of the salmon tube flies sent up to Scotland.

 Above a red holographic headed toucan, 1" inch tube.
Pearl headed firetiger cascade, 1" inch tube.

 And a copper head Ally shrimp 1"inch tube.
 Above some Uskgrubs, veyr popular fly, tied on size 8/10 & 12 treble hooks.
 Size 10 Uskgrub,
 Above some more 1/2" inch copper firetiger cascades.
 Above, more Toucans off to Scotland tubes and doubles.
 1" cone head toucan,
 Size 9 double Toucan.
 Above, a close up of one of my glow in the dark snake fly.
 The full set off to Ireland,
 Some more 1" fire tiger cascade's close above,
 AboveThis fly has been a good pattern from the off,
 Above, some of the trout zonkers,that have been catch lots of troutin the ponds.
Above the batch i tie for one mate, 5 of each colour all 4" inch long.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Deercreek team, at the BFFI show.

Well good news, i have been invited to tie at the British Fly Fair International show. to tie on tiers row this is my fourth year to be invited to the show, this is without doubt the best show in the UK. for anything to do with fly tying and fly fishing, with the best tiers from all over the world on fly tiers row. i have now been tying for Deercreek from the start of the company, we will have a good number of tiers on the Deercreek stand. plus four Deercreek tiers on fly tiers row,  
The show is on the 8/9 .2 .2014,

Here is a link to the show,

And a link to the Deercreek web site,

 Above is Johan Putt, (Netherlands) Pro tier for Deercreek. Johan is a fantastic all round fly tier, and is a expert in his field. whether it be Realistic tying or trout flies,
 Above, one of Johan's ties,

Above, Niklas Dahlin (Sweden), is a top Swedish tier who ties some beautiful dry flies.
 Above, on of Niklas's ties.
 Above, Scott Kane, (Scotland). Scott is a all round tier, and specialises in Clyde style flies and river patterns. and below one of his ties,
 Plus i will be there, on fly tiers row tying salmon and sewin flies. above one of my spey flies,
  Above, one of my salmon snake flies.
 And now we have some of the tiers on the Deercreek stand, above, Chris Rawle from Wales.a good all round tier.
 Above, one of Chris's ties.
 Above on the stand will be, Andy Saunders is a all round tier. but specialises in UK stillwater and river patterns,
 Above, one of Andy's ties.
 And above is Marcus Hoffman, (Sweden) Marcus is Emerging as one of Sweden's top Realistic fly tiers in Europe.but also ties great river and pike patterns,
 Above, one of Marcus's ties.

 Above on the Deercreek stand, will be Dave Lindsay, one of the top UK pike anglers and tiers.
 Above, one of Dave's pike flies.
 And above we have Conan Fyvie like Dave is from Scotland, who does fish with Dave for pike.but he is one of Scotlands finest wet fly tiers,
 Above one of Conan's flies.