Tuesday, 29 January 2013

A few from this week, 29.1.2013

 Above are a few zonker patterns, that i have been using for salmon last season. tied on 1" and 1/2" inch copper tubes, as we were having lots of water all last season. i was looking for a style of fly that would get down fast and be bright. these are thr patterns i came up with,
 Above, my take on the cascade, using a rabbit zonker wing. and on these i used protube plastic jungle cock cheeks, 1" copper tube
 And above, my take on the Junction shrimp. using the rabbit zonker wing, 1" copper tube.
 And above, 1/2" copper Junction shrimp,
 Above, a new look on the Elver fly, tied on a 1" copper tube. and blue dyed jungle cock elver,
 And above, my wire snake elver pattern. tied on a 23/4" snake mount,
 Above, the full set of elvers, which will be swimming the Tyne this coming season.
 Above, the Ice Maiden . tied on a 11/2" ally tube.
 A size 9 Ice Maiden,
 The set of Double Ice Maidens. on the way to Scotland as well,
 Set of Kinnermony killers, which are on there way to fish the spey.
 1" copper Kinnermony killer,
 Above, size 3 waddingtons, tied for a local angler. for the river Towy,
 Squirrel blue and silver,
 Black and orange,
 Black and red, the ever faithfull.
 And the one and only, black waddy.
Plus a set of my glow in the dark black snakes,  with the glow in the dark bead set above the hook. i have not posted all my ties, as i have done a lot of repeats of patterns.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Some of this weeks flies.

 This week have been tying a lot, most of the ties are sewin patterns. and they are off to fish the rivers of north Wales, above some of my snake patterns. the ones on the left tied on wire mounts, and the ones on the right tied on 30lb mono braid.

 The three snake ties above, are 2" long.

 And the three mono snakes ties, are 11/2" long. the hair on them are Marble fox from Sue at Foxytails,
 Above, a set of Tyne toucans gone off to Scotland, ready for the start of season in Scotland. all ties are on size 6 Deercreek doubles,
 Orange Toucan,
 Red Toucan,
 Olive Toucan,
 Above a set of Waddingtons, and these are off to the Boarders to fish the rivers Tyne & Wear.
 Squirrel blue and silver,
 Black bear and orange silver fox,
 Wing and throat, black bear.
 And again, Black bear and red silver fox.
 Above, a set of the Medicine fly, these are for north Wales.
 Close up of the Medicine fly, all tied on a size 6 Deercreek single.
 Black and silver,
 The set of black and silver, again for north Wales.
 Teal blue and silver, Tied on Deercreek size 6 double.
The set of teal blue and silver.
Above the Dark Mackerel, again tied on the Deercreek size 6 single.
Above the set of three Dark Mackerel, for north Wales.
Above, the Kinermony Killer, tied on a copper tube. gone to Scotland to fish the river Spey,
The set of KMK tubes.
Secret weapon, tied with a burnt orange marble fox wing, my take on the medinice.
Squirrel blue and silver secret weapon, size 4 kamasan B175 and a size 12 treble.
Black and silver, secret weapon.
All the secret weapons, all ties on main hook B175 size 4 and size 12 treble.
.Above some of the flies, in a group shot. seasons coming close now and lots of orders coming in.

Friday, 11 January 2013

River Taff Grayling, and more.

Hi, Have not posted for some time, been busy tying. not been fishing as we have been having lots of rain, and the rivers have been flooding or very high conditions. which has spotted me from getting out, but last Monday was ok. but the river Taff was still carrying a bit of water, but a mate Sion gave me a call to give the Taff a go for the grayling. as i said the river was pushing though a far bit, but it was nice to get out for sure.
Above is Sion, with a grayling, not a bad fish to start. and have to say well done to Sion, for getting into the Welsh International river team this year.
Above, i am playing a fish. i have pointed  out the Klink fly just out of the water,
Above is the set up i was using, a well greased up klink hammer. and a a small bug with a 2mm bead at the head underneath the klink,
Above, myself with a small grayling, it was hard work fishing. with not many bigger fish showing,

Above hooked in to another fish, and in my hand showing the set of bugs i was using. hoping to get to the bigger fish on the bottom, the set had a 3mm tungsten bead at the tip and two bugs with 2mm tungsten beads.

And above a few more shots of grayling,
Also fishing the Taff has been my mate Ken Evans, who as been doing very well the last week. above is a spawned out brownie, which when its gets back in to good condition will be pushing about 8lb. its laying on a 30" inch net,
And above, a nice chub of 5lb,
Here is a good surprise, we catch a good few rainbows on the Taff. but they tend to be small 3/4lb to11/2lb, but Ken had this one about 8lb and in super condition.  it has been in the river for some time and grown on,
And at it again, an other chub 53/4lb, and in great condition.
As i said i have been tying a lot, most patterns you have seen me post in the past.  so i have been trying to start tying my own sewin and salmon flies, for the coming season. will not be long now, i have put up some photos of the spey flies i use. plus the ever wanted Toucan tube still in big demand and catching loads of fish,  
Above, a black spey,
And a orange spey,

And a pink spey,
Just love spey flies, and they do catch a lot of fish. i have also had some new fly boxes delivered this week, the one above is in wallnut. will put some photos of the next week, and will be for sale. 
Hope you all had a great Xmas, and saw the new year in fine.