Thursday, 12 June 2014

More river Usk salmon, and flies.

 Well, My mate Ken Evans, has been at it again catching these fine looking salmon off the river Usk. as you can see super clean fresh  fish, and ranged from 12lb to 15lb he has been on a roll so far this season. and he also lost a fish in the 25lb+ size,

 I have only posted the flies i have tied for myself this time, as my boxes were very low so need a top up. above some of the snake fly patterns i use,
 Red and black with Amherst topping.
 Orange and black with Amherst topping,
 Black with Amherst topping,
 Blue and black,
 Pink and black,
 Above, some of the tubes i use,
 Above, 11/2" inch pink with Mirage body.
 Black with Mirage body,
 Black with Lazer mylar body.
 Above, some of the singles i use, love peacock sword in the dressing.
 Orange and peacock, with Amherst horns.
 Red with peacock, and Amherst horns.
 Above, a set of woolybuggers, for a trip to Iceland sea trout fishing. these patterns i had off the guide.,Tied on size 6 and 8.
 Pink Woolybugger,
 Black woolybugger,
 Orange woolybugger,
Black and silver woolybugger,

Sunday, 1 June 2014

BIG river Towy Sewin and flies.

Well i have not been out night fishing as yet for sewin, but it has been very slow like a lot of the river i have reports from. known sewin angler Rene Alleyne who is one angler who puts the time in on the river, and as i say the more you put in the more you get back. and Rene has had is share of fish, on this months blog you will see a few of them.

 Above, two16lb sewin for Rene, crackers.
 Above a set of shrimp flies tied for the river Tyne,  sizes 10, 12 & 14.
 Gold shrimp close up.
 Silver shrimp close up.
 Orange shrimp close up.

 Above again two cracking sewin for Rene,
 Above, My take on the Towy alrounder tied on a waddington, these have been going out in numbers.
 11/4" inch waddington,
 1" inch waddington.

 And last but sure not the end of his river Towy catches,
 Two sets of shrimps for the river Towy, for a customer.
 Yellow tailed shrimp,
 Yellow squirrel tailed shrimp.
 A few salmon tube, for one of my customers from south of England.
 My take on the Tosh, tied on a 1" inch tube.
 Above, 1/2" inch williegunn black.
 1" inch williegunn black.
 3/4" inch orange williegunn,
 3/4" inch gold williegunn.
 Above, a few patterns tied for a customer who fishes the river Towy,
 Size 6 single Blackboar,
 Size 8 double Blackboar.
 Size 6 single Squirrel blue and silver,
 Squirrel blue and silver stinger size 6 single and 10 stinger.
 Glow in the dark black tube, for the river Tawe sewin.
 Close up of the glow in the dark tube.
 Above, The full set of flies for the river Tawe sewin.

And above, a orange zonker i am trying out this season. tied on a size 6 double.