Monday, 23 December 2013


Hi, here 's wishing all my supporters of my blog, a Merry Christmas and a happy new year.
And hoping you have a great fishing and tying 2014, you have made my blog all worth doing this year having over 65,000 hits this year. on the home page and the step by step page, cant wait now for the season to start again, and get on the river Towy after dark for the fish i love to fish for. the sewin (sea trout). plus the salmon and must get more salt water bass & mullet fly fishing in, tight line all.

Friday, 20 December 2013

Cup's , fly boxes and treble flies.

 Hi, A lot of my ties go up north, and i good few members of the Bishop Auckland District Club. it is a club with a lot of water, 20 miles of the river Wear for salmon and sea trout. plus they have 2 miles of the river Tees for salmon and wild brown trout fishing, plus they have there own trout fishing lakes. at Witton castle and the membership is £175 for the season, and i know that they are looking for new members. and there will be no joining fee for 2014, the membership secretary's name is Keith Robson. i do send a box of flies each year for the best sea trout of the season, above is Len Hird presenting the box to Jon Ord for his best fish of 10lb 12oz. and here is a link to the club web site,
 And above, Len is presenting the cup for the best salmon of the season. and again was caught by Jon Ord.,
 All the flies below, have been tied for another member of the club.
 The Uskgrub,
 The black boar, i use this fly a lot. and also tie them in yellow and orange.
 Close up of of the black boar.
 Kinermony killer,
 Close up of the Kinermony killer,
Above a set of Kyley shrimps,
And above, close up of the Kyley shrimp.
 Orange flamethrowr's
Close up orange flamethrower,

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Grayling fishing, and sewin (sea trout) flies plus tying room.

 Got out this Friday just past, I did take a mate of mine on the river Taff. he had not caught a grayling before or had he done much river fishing, so i spent about half an hour showing him what to look for. that fish would hold and feed, and within 20mins he had caught his first grayling. as you can see he is very happy with it in the photo below,
 Dean with his first grayling,
 Above was the stamp of most of the grayling, it was hard work trying to get you flies down pass the smaller fish.
 When you did manage to get your flies down, you had a better stamp of fish like the one above. about a 11/2lb in weight,.
 The set i was using above, size 12 klinlhammer and below two bugs size 14 and 16. with 1mm tungsten bead heads, this set up on the day did take two and three fish at a time. taking the dry and bugs at the same time,
 Above, one of the bigger fish i had on the day.
 I have started tying again after my moving home, and here are a few of the sewin flies i have tied this week. above red and black a color that always works.,
 And above, another killer squirrel blue and silver.
 Red and black snake fly, with glow in the dark eyes.
 Above, squirrel blue & silver snake, the snakes are about 11/2"inch long.
 Red and black, on size 6 L/shank hook.
 Squirrel blue and silver, size 6 L/shank hook.
 Above, the got to color for many sewin anglers.
 And a color that has worked for me for many years, royal blue and red.
 The set above, hope you catch a lot on the flies Paul.
 Some more snakes,
Black and blue,
 Black and pink,
And the black and silver snake,
 And here is my tying room,
 Have put in a computer desk, but my mate John who built my tying desk and storage. is building me a computer desk in oak to mach the rest of the room, it will have a pull out computer and printer storage. with draws for all my reels. cant wait.
And above, my storage cabinets for my materials. and my tying books all i need now is some nice fish prints and fish photos,it will be fine then. 

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Rivers Usk and Wye, end of season.

 Hi Guys, Sorry i have not posted for some time, but i have been on the move to a new home. and it has taken up a lot of time sorting out the new home, and most of all my tying room. but i am sorted now so all is go, will start up dating ever week now, with tying and some Grayling fishing plus some small water trout fishing. plus some tackle and book reviews, so here are some photos of some of the salmon my mate had, towards the end of the season on the rivers Usk and Wye. Above Ken Evans trying out one of my Airflo Enigma salmon rods, he was using the 14ft 9/10# weight. he fell in love with it. on the Lower Usk and now is the proud owner of a 15ft 10/ 11# weight. i will be doing a review on a lot of Airflo fly gear starting soon, 
 Above, is Ken's best fish of the season. a cracking cock fish in spawning colors,
 Above, a lovely hen Usk fish.
 A nice fish for Ken again,
 Again, another fish for Ken,
 A nice fish for Dennis,
 And above, Spencer with a cracking fish on the last day of the season.
 And again, lovely fresh fish for Dennis.
 And now a few river Wye fish, my old mate Malcolm with his first river Wye fish.
 And two mate's Julian holding fish, with his first Atlantic salmon on a fly off the Wye. and John Davies on the netting duties, both looking very happy,
 And above, a very nice looking river Wye fish for Spencer.
 And above, some of my firetiger cascade's, sent to the states for one of my customers. these were a very popular salmon fly of mine this year,
 Above, close up of the firetiger cascade tube, 1" inch long on a Ally tube.  and a Pearl head,
And above, the standed cascade pearl head. see you soon guys,

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Floods, fish and flies

 Well as you can see, we had a lift of water came, much needed and we had a good few fish come through. above showing the flood, photo taken off Nantgredig bridge. looking up river to the junction pool and looking down river to the weir.
 Above Richard Bradley fishing the Abercothi pool, he did well here landing two fish in about 15 mins,
 Above, Cyril Fox landing the first fish. a sewin about 6lb in weight,
 Above Richard with the first fish, a 6lb sewin.
 The 2nd fish a Grilse about 6lb both fish returned.
 Above a set of Haslems tied for a customer, 12 dark and 12 light tied on size 8 low water hooks.
 Close up of the Haslem. with horns.
 Another take of mine on the Haslem, with a squirrel tail wing.
 And again, another take on the Haslem with a mixed wing.
 Above, a set of black and peacock 1" tubes, black bear hair over wing of peacock plus red krystal flash.
 Close up above of the black and peacock tube.

 Above, a few photos of the stamp of brownies, coming off the river Towy when fishing for sewin. must have a go at these on light rods next season,
 Above, did see a lot of sewin this size coming into the Towy . which is good new for the future,

 Above, some of the waddingtons, still going out for salmon.
 Black waddington 11/4" inch.
 Orange waddington,
 Red waddington,
 Squirrel blue and silver waddington,
 Above, are some of the snaketruders, that i have been tying for a mate. who fishes the river Tyne and Wear, the ones above are about 2" inch long. and tied with rubber legs giving the look of a squid in the water. and the good news he is catching a few salmon on them,
 Above, orange snaketruder,
 Yellow and black snaketruder,
Red snaketruder, will be updating the end of the week. with some nice photos of salmon off the rivers Wye and Usk, seeing as the season is ending tomorrow.