Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Rivers Usk and Wye, end of season.

 Hi Guys, Sorry i have not posted for some time, but i have been on the move to a new home. and it has taken up a lot of time sorting out the new home, and most of all my tying room. but i am sorted now so all is go, will start up dating ever week now, with tying and some Grayling fishing plus some small water trout fishing. plus some tackle and book reviews, so here are some photos of some of the salmon my mate had, towards the end of the season on the rivers Usk and Wye. Above Ken Evans trying out one of my Airflo Enigma salmon rods, he was using the 14ft 9/10# weight. he fell in love with it. on the Lower Usk and now is the proud owner of a 15ft 10/ 11# weight. i will be doing a review on a lot of Airflo fly gear starting soon, 
 Above, is Ken's best fish of the season. a cracking cock fish in spawning colors,
 Above, a lovely hen Usk fish.
 A nice fish for Ken again,
 Again, another fish for Ken,
 A nice fish for Dennis,
 And above, Spencer with a cracking fish on the last day of the season.
 And again, lovely fresh fish for Dennis.
 And now a few river Wye fish, my old mate Malcolm with his first river Wye fish.
 And two mate's Julian holding fish, with his first Atlantic salmon on a fly off the Wye. and John Davies on the netting duties, both looking very happy,
 And above, a very nice looking river Wye fish for Spencer.
 And above, some of my firetiger cascade's, sent to the states for one of my customers. these were a very popular salmon fly of mine this year,
 Above, close up of the firetiger cascade tube, 1" inch long on a Ally tube.  and a Pearl head,
And above, the standed cascade pearl head. see you soon guys,

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