Thursday, 28 February 2013

Welsh Fly Fair 2013

Just a reminder, this coming weekend, we have the Welsh fly fair. there are lots of things going on, with local fly tiers myself included. casting clinics and trade stands, plus a great meeting place to catch up with your mates over a pint.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

A big mix of flies,

 Hi, I have been very busy this week, with a range of different styles of flies. with them going out all over the country, but i have been able to tie a few up for myself . the large snake flies above are for me, i do like using these fully dressed snake flies at night for my sewin fishing. these are just under 3" long and listed below,
 Above, the one i use when there is a lot of water running, also good for salmon. yellow /orange & black,
 Red and black, great color combo. 
 Black and orange,
 And of course, you must have the one and only black.
 Showing the colors together, all the above ties on my wire mounts.
 Above, a mix of ties for some guys, living in Scotland & Cumbria.
 The Kinermony killer copper tube,
 My take on the cascade, on a waddington shank 11/4" long.
 The williegun, 11/4"
 Above the Ally shrimp waddington, 11/4"
 The toucan conehead, still in big demand.
 Orange 11/4" snake fly on hollow mono mount.
 Black snake 11/4" mono mount,
 Red 11/4" mono snake,
 Above, my glow in the dark black snake. with a glow in the dark bead near hook. charged with torch,
 Squirrel blue and silver, secret weapon .
 Black secret weapon, bothe tied on a size 4 kamasan B175 and size 12 treble.
 The set,
 I have been tying a good few blobs, for the stillwater anglers. 
Above, Sunburst blob deer head.

 Green and red.
 Orange and mallard,
And pink foam ass blob,

Monday, 11 February 2013

Grayling and trout flies for the coming weeks.

 Well this week i have been tying up some Grayling and trout flies, as i am hoping to have a few days out on some still waters for trout, and some river fishing for the grayling. i really like buzzer fishing for trout, so have tied up some colors i like and coated with Deercreek UV resin. by far the best coating for these patterns,
 Black & red buzzer, with silver krystal flash rib. tied on size 12,
 Black, with green krystal flash rib, and holographic cheeks. size 12,
 Black red holographic cheeks, size 12.
 Red ass black buzzer white rib, red holographic cheeks.
 Red bloodworm buzzer, with red flexfloss wing buds.
 Red ass buzzer,flexfloss wing buds.
 Black buzzer, red holographic rib with pink flexifloss wing buds.
 Black buzzer gold holographic rib, yellow wing buds.
 Apps blood worm, this does catch a lot of trout. and so easy to tie,
 Grayling bug, size 18 11/2 mm bronze color tungsten bead head. with squirrel tail, 
 Size18 grayling bug, size 11/2mm silver tungsten bead head. with squirrel tail fibers,
 Size 18 11/2mm gold tungsten head, with squirrel fibers.
 Size 18 orange tungsten head bead,
 Orange klink hammer,
 Brown klink hammer,
 Black klink hammer,
 Green klink hammer,
 Brown F fly
 Gray F fly,
And above, as you can see. my dry fly box is looking very healthy with Klink hammer and F flies, just love taking fish off the top on dries. just need to get out now in between my tying,

Good news, the Welsh fly fair is on this year. the 2nd of March same venue as always poster above.
And i will be tying there this year again, along with other local fine tiers.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

New fly boxes in.

 Have had some new fly boxes in this week, made in a few woods.the three above made in Walnut just great looking boxes and colour,
 Frame walnut,
 Walnut again, these are £45.00 GBP each.
 The ones above, have a Beech frame. and covered in a rare Brazilian burr called Rio rose wood, lovely deep wood colours.
 Close up of the Rio rose wood box, these are 40.00 GBP each.
 The one above, is made with beech frame and lemon wood burr.
 The lemon wood box open, 30.00 GBP each

Above showing the corner of the boxes, with a contrasting wood lock. if you would like a box or two, just email me me your needs. sizes are 9" X 5" X 11/2", And have four rare earth magnets to keep boxes closed.