Wednesday, 6 February 2013

New fly boxes in.

 Have had some new fly boxes in this week, made in a few woods.the three above made in Walnut just great looking boxes and colour,
 Frame walnut,
 Walnut again, these are £45.00 GBP each.
 The ones above, have a Beech frame. and covered in a rare Brazilian burr called Rio rose wood, lovely deep wood colours.
 Close up of the Rio rose wood box, these are 40.00 GBP each.
 The one above, is made with beech frame and lemon wood burr.
 The lemon wood box open, 30.00 GBP each

Above showing the corner of the boxes, with a contrasting wood lock. if you would like a box or two, just email me me your needs. sizes are 9" X 5" X 11/2", And have four rare earth magnets to keep boxes closed. 


  1. Nice boxes.. looks like a good box to put painting tools and brushes. Right now I am using shipping boxes to store mine. A bit pricy though.

  2. Hi, Thank you for comment, the guy who makes these boxes. is a top cabinet maker and is work is just 1st class, a lot better than a shipping box i think. if you want top QUALITY you have to pay for it. that's what i have found in my life time.