Tuesday, 29 January 2013

A few from this week, 29.1.2013

 Above are a few zonker patterns, that i have been using for salmon last season. tied on 1" and 1/2" inch copper tubes, as we were having lots of water all last season. i was looking for a style of fly that would get down fast and be bright. these are thr patterns i came up with,
 Above, my take on the cascade, using a rabbit zonker wing. and on these i used protube plastic jungle cock cheeks, 1" copper tube
 And above, my take on the Junction shrimp. using the rabbit zonker wing, 1" copper tube.
 And above, 1/2" copper Junction shrimp,
 Above, a new look on the Elver fly, tied on a 1" copper tube. and blue dyed jungle cock elver,
 And above, my wire snake elver pattern. tied on a 23/4" snake mount,
 Above, the full set of elvers, which will be swimming the Tyne this coming season.
 Above, the Ice Maiden . tied on a 11/2" ally tube.
 A size 9 Ice Maiden,
 The set of Double Ice Maidens. on the way to Scotland as well,
 Set of Kinnermony killers, which are on there way to fish the spey.
 1" copper Kinnermony killer,
 Above, size 3 waddingtons, tied for a local angler. for the river Towy,
 Squirrel blue and silver,
 Black and orange,
 Black and red, the ever faithfull.
 And the one and only, black waddy.
Plus a set of my glow in the dark black snakes,  with the glow in the dark bead set above the hook. i have not posted all my ties, as i have done a lot of repeats of patterns.

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