Saturday, 19 January 2013

Some of this weeks flies.

 This week have been tying a lot, most of the ties are sewin patterns. and they are off to fish the rivers of north Wales, above some of my snake patterns. the ones on the left tied on wire mounts, and the ones on the right tied on 30lb mono braid.

 The three snake ties above, are 2" long.

 And the three mono snakes ties, are 11/2" long. the hair on them are Marble fox from Sue at Foxytails,
 Above, a set of Tyne toucans gone off to Scotland, ready for the start of season in Scotland. all ties are on size 6 Deercreek doubles,
 Orange Toucan,
 Red Toucan,
 Olive Toucan,
 Above a set of Waddingtons, and these are off to the Boarders to fish the rivers Tyne & Wear.
 Squirrel blue and silver,
 Black bear and orange silver fox,
 Wing and throat, black bear.
 And again, Black bear and red silver fox.
 Above, a set of the Medicine fly, these are for north Wales.
 Close up of the Medicine fly, all tied on a size 6 Deercreek single.
 Black and silver,
 The set of black and silver, again for north Wales.
 Teal blue and silver, Tied on Deercreek size 6 double.
The set of teal blue and silver.
Above the Dark Mackerel, again tied on the Deercreek size 6 single.
Above the set of three Dark Mackerel, for north Wales.
Above, the Kinermony Killer, tied on a copper tube. gone to Scotland to fish the river Spey,
The set of KMK tubes.
Secret weapon, tied with a burnt orange marble fox wing, my take on the medinice.
Squirrel blue and silver secret weapon, size 4 kamasan B175 and a size 12 treble.
Black and silver, secret weapon.
All the secret weapons, all ties on main hook B175 size 4 and size 12 treble.
.Above some of the flies, in a group shot. seasons coming close now and lots of orders coming in.

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