Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Salmon, Bass and flies for British Columbia.

 My Old mate Spencer, with a cracking hen fish returned.
 Lovely little Witeadder fish,
 Another nice river Usk fish,
 Ken again, with a lovely hen fish.
 And it going back,
 Above, some pink singles.
 A close up of my take on the Kyley, in pink.

 Above the Kyley's i will be taking Saturday to British Columbia.

 Above, some single marabou flies.
 Two intruders, will be taking more and my snaketruders.
 And above, a tungsten weighted bead head, minnow pattern and eyes.
 The set i tied up,

 Went out this week after bass, nice to get out first time this year in the salt. just been to busy, i had 18 bass all the same size. did keep two for the pot and put the other 16 back, my mate had 23 to 7lb and he put 21 back. the ones we did keep were crammed full, with small pouting & whiting about 2/3 inch long. it is a spot that we have fished for years, and this time of year it is always  stuffed with bass feeding up for the winter. and its great as i never see any one fish this spot, which is great will be fishing it when i get back from BC.
And above the pattern i had the fish on, 23/4" long tied on a size 4 kamsan B175.
Well this is my last post now, till i get back from British Columbia. hoping i will have a good few pics of the area and fish,

Thursday, 11 October 2012

River Usk salmon, & still at it.

 Well, my mates who use my flies, have been doing well on the river Usk,  Dennis above has been doing well this season, i think he is over twenty salmon this season. the one above is a lovely springer he caught in May,
 And again one from this week, i just love the look of these cock fish this time of year.
 And above above, Ken again with a nice cock fish yesterday 16lb. there have been lots about this weight this season, do think Ken is pushing twenty fish as well. 

 And my old mate Spencer, with one of his salmon. think he has had about 16 fish in the last few weeks,  sorry about the photo.
 And as you can see, as soon as i said i was stopping tying. to get on with my British Columbia flies, lots ringing me for flies. above a few of my ties that went out this week,  
 Above, 1/4" copper black & silver.
 And the Toucan, tied on a 1/2" bottle tube.
 And the waddingtons, in the group photo above my take on the cascade.
 Above, The Garrydog waddington.
 Black and red,
 Black and yellow,
 Above, my glow in the dark snake, loads have wanted this pattern. and its caught a lot of fish, it has a glow in the dark bead above the hook.
 Toucan cone head, 1" long. this fly in singles/ doubles and tubes have caught a lot of fish this season. this season for my customers, 53 fish over 20lb.
 Toucan, on a size 6 doubles.
 The 1/4" black & silver and 1/2" bottle tube, were sent to one of my north Wales customers. who also wanted one of my fly boxes.this one beech with oak burr,
 close up of box and flies,
 Well i have started on my BC flies, above three patterns i have been playing with.
 Above, my magenta & hot pink williegunn on a size 4.
 My take on the williegunn, on a size 6 single.
 And above, my take on the Junction shrimp again on a size 6.
And above, a fly i use a lot for the sewin. the  allrounder great fly for sewin and salmon, my next update will be some time next week. showing my BC flies, will not be long now. cant wait to wet a line and catch a fish, as i have not been out for about 8 weeks. nursing my ankle,

Monday, 8 October 2012

bass and salmon flies, tyings this week.

 This week it was nice to have a little change with my flies, above some bass flies tied on a size 4 kamasan B175. and below some of my other ties., this week is my last week tying for my customers. tomorrow i start my BC flies, it will be nice to have a change of flies to tie. 
 Above, a bucktail tie using Deercreek UV resin for the body and head. with Deercreek eyes,

 The two above, are as the top pattern. but with a white cock feather concave up on tail, 
 And above, a few more patterns, snakes/ waddingtons, tubes.
And above, a few more ties, this week have sent flies off to Chile / USA / Holland / Denmark / Ireland / Scotland / Norway / and the borders plus south of England.
 Above, some Kinermony killer flamethrowers. size 6/ 8 and 10.
 Close of one of the KK,

 And above, the Kinermony killer on a tube. set up with a single will be taking these to BC for sure,
 Above, a set for a local angler.hope you like them Clive, you will have them in the morning post.
 Toucan on a size 8 Deercreek double.
 Above, the Toucan on double & tube. this is another pattern i will be tying up for BC,
 A Kyley, tube 1" Ally.
And a waddington, Williegunn.