Sunday, 8 December 2013

Grayling fishing, and sewin (sea trout) flies plus tying room.

 Got out this Friday just past, I did take a mate of mine on the river Taff. he had not caught a grayling before or had he done much river fishing, so i spent about half an hour showing him what to look for. that fish would hold and feed, and within 20mins he had caught his first grayling. as you can see he is very happy with it in the photo below,
 Dean with his first grayling,
 Above was the stamp of most of the grayling, it was hard work trying to get you flies down pass the smaller fish.
 When you did manage to get your flies down, you had a better stamp of fish like the one above. about a 11/2lb in weight,.
 The set i was using above, size 12 klinlhammer and below two bugs size 14 and 16. with 1mm tungsten bead heads, this set up on the day did take two and three fish at a time. taking the dry and bugs at the same time,
 Above, one of the bigger fish i had on the day.
 I have started tying again after my moving home, and here are a few of the sewin flies i have tied this week. above red and black a color that always works.,
 And above, another killer squirrel blue and silver.
 Red and black snake fly, with glow in the dark eyes.
 Above, squirrel blue & silver snake, the snakes are about 11/2"inch long.
 Red and black, on size 6 L/shank hook.
 Squirrel blue and silver, size 6 L/shank hook.
 Above, the got to color for many sewin anglers.
 And a color that has worked for me for many years, royal blue and red.
 The set above, hope you catch a lot on the flies Paul.
 Some more snakes,
Black and blue,
 Black and pink,
And the black and silver snake,
 And here is my tying room,
 Have put in a computer desk, but my mate John who built my tying desk and storage. is building me a computer desk in oak to mach the rest of the room, it will have a pull out computer and printer storage. with draws for all my reels. cant wait.
And above, my storage cabinets for my materials. and my tying books all i need now is some nice fish prints and fish photos,it will be fine then. 

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