Friday, 20 December 2013

Cup's , fly boxes and treble flies.

 Hi, A lot of my ties go up north, and i good few members of the Bishop Auckland District Club. it is a club with a lot of water, 20 miles of the river Wear for salmon and sea trout. plus they have 2 miles of the river Tees for salmon and wild brown trout fishing, plus they have there own trout fishing lakes. at Witton castle and the membership is £175 for the season, and i know that they are looking for new members. and there will be no joining fee for 2014, the membership secretary's name is Keith Robson. i do send a box of flies each year for the best sea trout of the season, above is Len Hird presenting the box to Jon Ord for his best fish of 10lb 12oz. and here is a link to the club web site,
 And above, Len is presenting the cup for the best salmon of the season. and again was caught by Jon Ord.,
 All the flies below, have been tied for another member of the club.
 The Uskgrub,
 The black boar, i use this fly a lot. and also tie them in yellow and orange.
 Close up of of the black boar.
 Kinermony killer,
 Close up of the Kinermony killer,
Above a set of Kyley shrimps,
And above, close up of the Kyley shrimp.
 Orange flamethrowr's
Close up orange flamethrower,

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