Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Part two, chasing the Ladies.

 Well here is part two of the days fishing, after getting to the river Ewenny. things were still not going my way, i parked up the car. got over the fence by the club hut, looked in the river and it was in color. this was mad as we had not had any rain, but a good look around. and i found the problem. horses had got in the river and were coloring it, so i thought enough is enough. lets go home and get out another day,

Anyway, here are a few shots of the type of bugs i use. plus a few shots, of some of the parts i fish on the river Ewenny. a small river by what a place to fish out of the way from the crowds, and some great Grayling and trout fishing. plus the odd sewin and salmon,

Anyway, next time on there. i will keep my fingers
crossed, and show you a few of the fish that swim it.    

Looking up river, passed the club hut.

Top photo, looking down river just above the cow crossing.

Above a closer look at the weir, and cow crossing.

Looking down river, from road bridge,

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