Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Tomorrows tube flies.

 Hi Guys, Been tying a few this morning, as i have been having withdrawal systems. not getting out on the river, so tied these tubes up for a afternoons fishing on the river Towy. it been turning up a good few salmon, there are some very big tides this week. and the high water is about 8 to 9 pm, so we might see a few come off. plus i will be meeting an old mate of mine John Watkins, i have not fished with john must be about 30years plus so looking forward to that.
 Above, the Junction shrimp tubes, tied on brass tubes  1",  3/4",  1/2"   long.
 1" long Willegunn brass tube,
 The set, 1", 3/4" , 1/2" long brass tubes again.
 This is my Magenta & Hot pink Willegunn.
 The set, again on brass tube 1", 3/4", 1/2" long.
Above the three sets, roll on tomorrow.

And above, i had these in the post this morning off Fly fishing & fly tying . was over the moon, nice to know some one thinks i can tie a fly.

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