Sunday, 16 September 2012

Sundays morning ties.

 Been at it again, here are some of my morning ties. yesterday had in orders for another 300 salmon flies. and a 100 saltwater shrimp flies, things have gone mad again for flies. but one thing it keeps me out of the pubs,
All the ties are off to Ireland and Scotland.
 Above, the Kyley tube, red head.
 The black head, Kyley tube.
 The Kyley shrimp fly, above on a Deercreek gold size 6 double.
 1/2" Long bottle tube, Kinermony killer.
 3/4" Long cone head,Kinermony killer.
 Above, My color combo, 3/4" Long tube.
 3/4"Long Toucan cone head, tube.
 Above the full set,
 And above, a set of Calvin shrimps.
 My take on the Junction shrimp, on a Deercreek size 6 double.
And the double, Wilkinson tied again on a Deercreek double.the doubles are samples for orders, hope they like the two patterns.

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