Thursday, 13 September 2012

A few of this weeks ties.

 Been tying a lot this week, as i have stop my fishing for this season. last week i was out night fishing, and put my foot down a pot hole. and pulled my Kaile's tendon so my foot and lower leg is strapped up. so going to save myself for five weeks as i am off the BC salmon fishing , just cant wait for that trip.
Above a fly i have been tying the last two months, the Kinermony Killer flamethrower great looking fly in the water.
Above, A lovely salmon, caught this morning on the river Towy. cracking fight Ken said, and returned to the water to do her job.caught on one of my waddington willieguns, well done Ken.
 Above, the Kinermony Killer flamethrower on a 3/4" Ally tube.
 And above the KKFT, on a 1" copper tube.
 Above, another popular fly, the Calvin shrimp. lots of these gone out the last four weeks,
 Some of the KKFT's today,
 And a few Calvin shrimps.
 And the Toucans still in demand,
 Above, some of my ties this week.
 Some of to days,
 Above, flies sent out to one of my local sewin anglers. 
 2" Long silver squirrel & teal.
 11/2" Long silver squirrel &silver.
 2" long Medicine snake,
 2" Medicine tube tube,
 11/2" long Medicine tube,
 Some snake flies done last night; and picked and fishing the river Neath last night and tonight. before Dale go's back home,.
And have made a start on my BC flies, been playing with my new Snaketruders. a nice flexy body fly,

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