Saturday, 2 June 2012

Off the mark, First night trip on river Towy.

 Hi Guys, I have have not been very well of late, got rushed in to hospital with a suspected brain bleed (tumer). thank God it was a virus that went to the brain and it has been sorted now, my blood count was 260 over 190. no wounder i thought my head was going to blow OFF,
Anyway my mate Dennis and i manged to get out last night, after a bit of Sewin fishing. and what a great night we had, lost a very good fish on the off but made up for it as the night went on. all the fish i had were all between 53/4 to about 6lb, all falling to my snake flies.

And above a nice 10lb sewin, again caught on one of my snake flies. this time a sparkler snake fly, one i have not put up on the blog. but will put up a photo soon, well done Andy on this one.

 Here showing the snake fly in fishes mouth, black and silver.

 Here my mate Dennis, with his only fish of the night. funny how that happens, you can be out together one catching all the time Ha Ha. and the other struggling to get a take, so i had a break and asked Dennis what fly he was using. gave him one of my snake flies and bang second cast this cracker about 9lb, it made his night and mine for sure. 
And here one of the fish being returned, to carry on there journey to spawn for coming years. more rain due this weekend so look out next week, 


  1. Glad to hear you're ok. Nice looking fish you guys got there

    1. Hi Chris, Yes ok now, but it does make you think. when things like that happen,
      Yes the sewin is a great looking fish, and one i love to fish for.

      Tight lines,