Monday, 14 May 2012

Sewin off, and waddingtons for the river Towy

 Here is a nice sewin off the river Towy, caught by my good old mate Ken Evans. well done Ken a fish about 5lb maybe a bit more, returned to carry on her journey. caught on a willegun tube.

 Above, my take on the williegun. tied on a 11/4" waddington with out flash and black side skirts,
 And another take on the williegun, with flash and top black wing & black throat.
 Above, Squirrel blue and silver. this is a great pattern and catches a lot of fish, again on a 11/4 waddington.
 And been tying up some waddingtons for my mate, who fishes the Abercothi beat on the river Towy.

 All the above waddington shank flies, tied on 13/4" long.

 And above, just playing with waddingtons, i like to have a play about free style tying.

And above, free styling, on snake flies.

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