Friday, 11 May 2012

A day out on the river Towy.

 Well, managed to have a day out on the river Towy. last Sunday with my fishing mate Dennis, no fish but it was great to get out of the tying room. and plenty of fresh air, and the feel of the Sage TCX 1194 8# switch rod in hand.   above is the lower tidal pool,
 Above up from the corner pool, in photo number one.
 Above, i am looking up to the steels pool.
 Again, looking down to the first pool.
 Same view, with Dennis fishing in to the head of the pool.
 Above, looking across the straight, down to the steels pool.
 Looking up to were the Gwilli joins the Towy.
 Again, another shot looking down to the steels corner. 
 Lots of signs of otters about, above showing a mud platform. with foot prints of mum and a few pups .

 Above the two flies,
 Above, close up, of the 11/2" orange tube.
 And above, a fly that fishes take on Mock's allrounder.
 And a view above the the bridge at the Abercothi beat. great bit of water,
And above, looking down the river, to the weir.

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