Monday, 30 April 2012

Sea Trout & Bass flies Weekend tying,

 Well still been busy, its been sea trout and bass flies. that has been the main orders this weekend, The Toucans above still being asked for, the ones above are on there way to northern Ireland. its still on going i have orders for intruders to go to Sweden, and a big order i am in the middle of tying to go to the states. will post photos of them soon,
 Above, a set of sea trout tubes, for a local angler. 
 One of the tubes, is not a type of tube you see a lot. in a sewin (sea trout) anglers box, but one that works very well for me on bright nights. tied with pearl flashabou,
 The good old squirrel blue and silver,
 Black and peacock,
 The blue, great for fresh fish. and tidal water not forgetting clear nights aswell,
 Peacock black and red,
 Bass bait fish patterns, tied on size 2 main hook B175 & size 4 VMC octopus hook.
 These ones, tied on size 4 B175 & size 6 stinger.

 Again, the two sets above, tied on same sizes, the four sets will be swimming around the Gower coast this summer.
 The close ups, showing the light dressings, that still give a good full profile of a bait fish.

And above, all four sets together,

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