Thursday, 19 April 2012

Irish bass flies, and a few more.

 This Time of year, i start to get a lot of anglers around the UK and Ireland. to tie up bass flies for the coming season, and have to say its a part of fly fishing i like a lot. from the shore and boat, i am very lucky that i live in Swansea and to far from the Gower. an area i have fished for a long time to long when i think back, does time fly. i started fly fishing for bass back in 1972, but had many years before fishig for them with lures and crab plus live baiting with Mackerel . and have had many fish to over 10lb on all four methods,
So here are some bait patterns i tied up for one of my customer in Ireland. the ones above are double hook patterns about 6inch long,  
 Above ate some snake flies, these are about 3inch long from tip of loop to back of the double hooks.
 Above, some small singles, tied on strong size 4 Nash carp hook. about 3inch long and great for fishing on a dropper, fishing this way i have had a good number of double hook ups.
 The sets all in a bunch, will soon be swimming around Wexford.
 And also this week been tying a lot of Sewin flies, top three colors of snake flies 2 inch long.
 Above a set of orange snake flies, off to Scotland 2inch long,
 And above some singles, off to Ammanford just up the road from me.
 Black and silver
 Teal and Blue,
 And Some shrimp patterns, again just up the road from my area. i have fished these patterns for a long time and done well on them, i like the full long crest of a golden pheasant dyed black. gives this shrimp pattern lots of movement,
 Close up, size 6 DEERCREEK double.
 Close up, on size 6 DEERCREEK double.
And this glow in the dark snake, is one that i turn to some nights. when things are slow just charge the bead in front of the hook, and the fish seem to like the glow it gives off.

 And yes the Toucans are still going out, above orange/ black and red toucans tied on singles and doubles.


  1. Hi Brucis, Thank you very much, for your comments. glad you like the flies,

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