Thursday, 5 April 2012

Wee Cascade's.

Here are a few cascade's i tied up this week, for an angler up in Aberdeen Scotland. he wanted 36 flies in sets of 12, all tied on Partridge salar doubles. in sizes 15s / 13s and 11s.

 The three sizes, on the head of my vise,
 Above size 15,
 And size 13,
 Plus size 11,
 The full set of thirty six cascade doubles,
   Close up of the group, well the season has started. hope to get out over the weekend, if the weather holds up.


  1. Stunning flies! Something to aspire to. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Another awesome set. Thanks for posting

  3. Cheers Paul and Chris, Glad you like the flies. i use this pattern a lot,
    and have a lot of faith in this fly, for both Sewin and Salmon.
    These sizes great for low water,