Saturday, 24 March 2012

Shrimps alive,

 Yesterday afternoon and this morning, i had to tie up some shrimp patterns of mine and some old ones. to go to north Wales, the badger shrimps are patterns i tied up some years back. and have worked well on a lot of waters, above is my ghost shrimp when in the water being worked it looks amazing. and the fish love it to have had Sewin / Salmon and Bass on this one.
 Above is the Ginger shrimp, works well on clearing water or peaty water.
 The red shrimp, take fish early and late in the season.
 Group shot of the Ghost shrimp,
 Group shot Ginger shrimp,
 Group shot the Red shrimp,
 Standard Ally shrimp, with Black& Red body,
 And above, one i use a lot with orange holographic body. does change this one in the water,
 Ally's of both colours above,
 And of cause the Tyne Toucan, this fly is still in big demand. i have now tied over 1300 of these in the last four weeks,
And above, the full set of Toucan's, ready for a fly to north Wales. with the rest of the flies,


  1. 1300 flies in 4 weeks is amazing in that quality. I probably havent tied 1300 in 5 yrs. Love reading your post keep up the good work.

  2. Hi Chris, Thank you again, for your comments. on the quality of my tying,
    I do get a lot of practice tying, which is a big help as with any thing you do.