Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Blue Charm's and guess what.

 Set of Blue charms, ready to go to Tyne & Wear for a swim. Made a mistake on size in the photo, the 7 should be 9.
 Size 7 Blue charm,
 Size 13 Blue Charm,
 Size 11 Blue Charm,
 Here is a new one, Orange tube Toucan. since i started tying the orange toucan, they have gone very well.
 Black Toucan, size 9,
 Orange Toucan size 9,
Hi, Been tying today, had a bit of a change of flies. tying some blue charms and guess what, yes Toucans again but will say over the last month. i have been tying them ever day now,


  1. Wow the flies you make are incredible

  2. Hi Chris, Thank you very much for your comment, the blog is new and i will be doing a lot more posts. and step by steps, plus will not be long now for the season to start, so will be posting the fishing trips i do also.