Monday, 5 March 2012

Welsh Fly Fair show, Saturday 3rd March.

The weekend, Saturday 3rd of March, was the Welsh fly fair show. a great day was had by all from what i could see. lots of smiling faces, and guys meeting up and having a good chat catching up over a drink . And also topping up on there fly tying materials.
 Well known angler and writer Moc Morgan.
 Gareth Lewis, very well known tier, of micro flies.
 Dewi William, Well known for his Irish Mayfly patterns.
 Peter Jones, another fine sewin angler who fishes the river Ti.
 Well what can i say about this chap, top sewin / salmon angler.  the one and only John Graham the jambo man.
 Malcolm Edwards, another fine small fly tier.
 David Wolsoncroff-Dodds, Well known for his pike flies.
 Emyr Breeze, fine tier of competition flies and fisher.
 And yours truly, Dai Jones,
 Cooks Hill, A fine supplier of fly tying materials.
Looking down the Hall, towards, John Williams celtic fly craft. who run the show.

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