Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Ice blue spey, step by step.

Hi for some time now, Hatches magazine. have been asking me to do some writing for them, and have to say i was over the moon with this. so here is my first post, the Ice blue spey fly. this is a pattern i use a lot and in other color combo's, hope you like this step by step. i will be writing more for them on fly tying and my fishing,



  1. Fate and dozens of man made obstacles on the Elbe river have robbed me of the pleasure of fully appreciating a fly for anadromous species. So I look at your fly merely as an object of art - and it is pretty indeed!

    Congratulations on making it onto Hatches - they could do a lot worse than this ;-)


    1. Hi Jindra, Thank you very much for comments,Will be doing a lot more soon on Hatches.
      Look forward to catching up with you, at the BFFI show.
      Look forward to a good chat then.