Monday, 6 February 2012

The Tyne Tuocan fly,

 Every one seams to have gone mad for this fly,
It was invented by Gary Hillary. The head gillie for the Bywell beat of the river Tyne, 
And in the 2011 season, the fly did take a prodigious number of salmon. the beat did have 633 fish, and the Tuocan fly did take 100 fish out of the 633 total.
I only tied this fly up Sunday morning, and to date. i have had 19 orders of sets of 3 flies, as i have said every has gone mad for the flies.
I have been using a pattern of my own, which is very much like the Tuocan. and it has worked very well for me over the last two seasons, so will be giving this one a swim this coming season. and see how it works along side my own pattern, will let you know 
How it go's. 

And along side, my take on the Tuocan in tube form, Gary Hillary does say that a tube would not work. but i am sure this will work all day long,
And along side, a flock of Tuocan's, in size 6 and 8 plus some in black,

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