Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Cascade's and Toucans.

 Well it's nice to have a change of fly, for three weeks i have had order after order for the Tyne Toucan. i have never had a fly like this one that every one wants, loads gone to Scotland/ Tyne and wear area/ Ireland/ south of England and Norway. just awesome, but sat down this morning and tied up these Cascade's it a great fly. use it a lot for my sewin and salmon fishing, this fly and the Ally shrimp just work so well. 
 Cant wait now, season is almost on us. roll on APRIL,
 Above is another take of mine on the Toucan, yellow for peaty water or spate running off.
 And above, another take on the orange toucan. orange head and body looks very good,
And look, my crest feathers are looking a bit better, but still a lot more soaking and shaping of more crest feathers. to get my stock back up, the number of toucans is still rising. i have tied near 600 flies and i have 23 orders in, when will it end.HeHe. 

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