Friday, 27 April 2012

Getting there, and spoiling myself.

 Well i am getting there slowly, sorting out my flies for this season. and i have been spoiling myself by having some new fly boxes made up, i am very lucky that my mate is a very good cabinet maker. and he built all my tying tying desk and material storage cabinets, and here are some of my flies for the coming season. Tubes, snakes and waddingtons. all the flies range from 11/2" inch to 21/2" inch and will be tying bigger later this coming week, Above ate some 2" Medicine snake flies
 The above tubes, are 21/2" inch, these have had some big fish for me. and fish well on a di5/7 line when a lot of water is in the system,
 Two colors i use a lot, these are 2" inch long.
 Again, two colors, Black tends to be the go to color in Wales. and the two tine blue fishes well in tidal water, but has also fished well many miles up the river Towy on clear nights.
 And the good old Alexander, a killing pattern. plus my gray ghost gray marble fox, fishes well again on clear nights and on dusk & dawn.  
 Here are some of the snake flies i use, the squirrel blue and silver a cracking pattern. Black and silver as i said a go to fly all the time,
 Blue and black, another great color combo, plus i do like my all black with glow in the dark eyes.
 Above the two large boxes, made out of Oak with oak burr and teak inlay around the side.
 The smaller of the boxes, again in Oak.
 The waddingtons, which i also use a lot. great for getting you fly down fast,

 And above some close ups of the waddingtons,
And one of the smaller boxes, with some of the flies in it.

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