Monday, 18 June 2012

Welsh Game Fair, 16/17 June.

 Last Weekend i spent at the Welsh game fair, with some of my old fly tying mate's. Saturday was a very wet one and i did think it would have been a wash out, but have to say we had a lot of visitors to the tent. these events are great for catching up with mates that come to the show, to see the tiers and and also pick up flies and gear. plus the new ones who want to get into fly tying and see how its done, plus also its good if you want to get a few lessons on casting a fly. those that did had a treat as teaching on the day was Hywel Morgan, and his two lovely girls Yasmin 13. who at the young age of 12 was the UK salmon casting champion, and have to say on the day she showed off her skills.and not to forget little Tanya aged 7, who could teach a few adults a few things about casting for sure. in the photo above are the three amigos tying on the two days.        

 Above, well known tier and sewin angler Peter Jones.
Above, Malcolm Edwards well know compiton fly fisher and fly tier.
 Above, Hywel and Yasmin going thought the in's and out of casting to the crowd.

 And above, Hywel, Yasmin and Tanya showing how its done. what a great show and with the young girls adding a lot to it,
 Some of the the people,watching the casting show on the Sunday.
 In our tent also was the Welsh Ladies international fly team.and Yasmin Morgan great team to have in the tent with you, very good fun they were to.
 Above, some of the saltwater bass flies i tied at the show.
 Plus above, some of the sewin / salmon flies i tied. its amazing how many want to take the flies after watching you tie them,.

And on the way home, i had to have a look at the river Towy. as the rain we have had over the last few days put it up over two meters, when this lot calms down there is going to be some great fishing. can't wait to get out.

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