Thursday, 19 July 2012

A few salmon snake & waddington flies.

 With all the heavy water we have been having of late, i have been tying up some large flies for fishing the flood water. and these snakes i have been tying up, are on a new material it's a wire base and great for these snake flies. as well as being flexy it keeps your snake fly straight, so i can tie up a snake as long as 8" inch. but nice and light to cast will be tying up some nice sandeel patterns soon for the bass, just seen the weather forecast and looks like the jet stream is on the move north. fingers crossed, we will have some nice weather for the sewin at night and the bass fishing.
the color above is great combo for the salmon,
 Above, black and blue, great for fresh salmon and sewin.
 Again, black and red, great combo.
 Above, the snake flies, and at the bottom. a 6"inch bass fly,
 Again, a waddington 13/4"inch. great color combo. 
 Above, my take on the Rapala fire tiger. a great colorfor both sewin and salmon,
The four i tied up today, for fishing the river Towy tomorrow.


  1. Hello Dai Im looking into tying flies like yours myself.

    I must admitt im impressed they look brilliant.

    Im a keen angler been fishing all my life im 27 now.

    I want to fly fish for sewin at night. Can you advise what fly you would tie to fish on a floating line with a 10ft leader for example and how would you cast and retrieve etc

    Im a member of streches in llangunnor,Llanwrds and some of Llandeilo at the moment.

    Obviously early season Llanwrda out of the question.



  2. Hi Jonathan, Sorry so long in answering, all the above snake flies will do the job. You can fish these fast or slow, depending on the water. And fish then down and across or cast square and fast. Hope this helps you,