Tuesday, 3 July 2012

A nest of snakes, and a swam of flies.

 This week, i have still been tying up lots of my snake flies, plus some salmon flies. just as well as the river in my area are all running very high, and the rain is still coming in very heavy and for all the coming week. just hope the fish will be in the rivers as the come in to fishing conditions, above are some of the patterns of snakes. top left my glow in the dark snakes, i tie them with a glow in the dark bead tied in above the hook. you charge the bead up with your torch and the give off a light glow, the others at the bottom are my spey snakes.
 Pink spey snake fly,
 Silver doctor spey snake fly,
 Black spey snake fly,
 Above more snake flies, normal patterns that i tie.

As you can see, the Tyne Toucan is still flying high. lots still asking for this fly and the reports coming back to me, it's catching a lot of fish.  
 Above some of the salmon flies i have tied up, these are on the way to swim a few rivers in the states.
And above, more snake mounts, ready for the next batch to go. i have also been playing about with a new mount for tying up Scandinavian style salmon flies, which will be on there way to Norway and Sweden. soon as i get them tied up will post them,

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