Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Very happy,

 Some time back, i tied up some flies for  fly fishing &fly tying magazine. they had a competition for the best tied fly, they had 4 parts grayling & trout, salmon & sea trout, salt water and pike. i tied up my GP Shrimp pattern for the salmon & sea trout section, and for the salt water section i tied up my Killer shrimp. i only went in for the two sections, and will say i did forget about the competition till the magazine came though the letter box yesterday morning. and in it was the results of the competition, so will say a big well done to Hubert Janevzek for winning it. i did not win any thing but i was very happy to see the the judge had picked out the two flies i tied up for it,  and printed them in the August magazine and made some very nice comments about my flies.  
 Above is the write up on page 17.
A above close up's of my GP SPEY SHRIMP left , which has fish very well for me on the sea trout. and has caught salmon for me to just under 17lb and salmon to my customers to 23lb, plus my KILLER SHRIMP bottom of page. that has caught grayling / trout/ bass and sewin, in sizes to match the fish. was very happy what they did stand out that much the the judge's put them in print and some great comment about them. i will put up some better photo's of them when i can,


  1. Congratulations Dai!
    Your friends know that you tie mean flies, but its about time that general public learned this as well.

  2. Hi Jindra, Thank you for your comments, it is nice to see people saying good things about my tying. as you know i tie many flies, but i still look at a lot of them thinking that does not look right. always trying to better them all the time,

    Hope you and miss Jindra, are keeping well.


  3. Congrats man. Can't wait to see it

  4. Cheers Chris, Thank you for comment,