Sunday, 12 August 2012

Elvers and toucans

 I have not posted for a bit, just had my head in my tying room. thank god it's slowing down now, so hopefully i will get a bit more fishing in. i am really missing getting out on the river at night for the sewin, here are a few flies i tied up this week to send to a customer to fish the river Spey. he wanted these elver flies tied on copper tubes and snake flies, he saw them in trout and salmon back a month or two.

 Above the copper Blue JC Elver tube, 
 And above the Elver snake flies,
And above the Elver snake fly

 Half inch cone head Toucan cone head, 
 3/4" inch cone head Toucan, 
 And above the set of Toucans, this fly has been going out all year. i have now tied up 3500 of them,
 And did spoil myself this month, i had this new snake vise made for myself.
Close up of heads of vise, and my take on the Green highlander.

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