Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Bank holiday ties.

 Well first, the good news is my step by step section is back up and running, thanks to my good old mate Gareth(micro flies) Lewis. cheers mate, what would i do with out you.

Well i have been very busy over the weekend tying, they all went in the post this morning. do hope i get a bit of time this week, to get a bit of salmon and sewin fishing in. not been out much this yea,r what with the weather and flooding rivers all this season. but back to the tying, have put up some of the ties that i did this weekend just gone. plenty of the toucans still being asked for and going out, the Kinermony Killer flamethrower is going out in big numbers to. but my snake flies are still in very big demand,   
 Above 1" Toucan cone head tube,
 Toucan, tied on a Deercreek size 6 gold salmon single hook. great strong hook this one,Will be tying a good few of my flies on these for my BC salmon fishing trip.
And above, the Toucan on a Deercreek, gold double salmon hook size 6.

 Above a range of 11/2" tubes, these are another popular one for the sewin and salmon.

 The snake flies above, are a style that as been asked for a lot now. since i have started tying them, these are tied on 0.24" dia 7strand stainless wire. the wire is very flexible, and does not get cut on the rocks like hollow mono braid does. and these move a lot better than the mono braid, as it stays light in the water. it does not take on water like the mono braid,,
 Above, my glow in the dark snake fly, tied on braid. as some anglers still like the material,
 The one above, is a snake that has been fishing well for my mate. black wing/ throat hackle and strands of fine pearl flash, plus peacock pearl mylar on the body. he fishes middle range of the river Towy,
And above the Jambo, love tying deer hair. and great fly to fish when waking these, the takes can be out of this world. just love fishing them in the dark for sewin, but also work well on the salmon in the day.
 And the Kinermony killer flamethrower, all the colors in this fly just work.
 Above 1" tungsten tube, Krystal flash head.
 And this one,1/2" tied on a heavy brass tube and cone.
 And 1/2" Tungsten tube, with krystal flash head.

Above, more snake wire mounts, ready to be tied up.

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