Friday, 29 March 2013

A bit of a mix sewin / salmon & bass flies this week,

 A bit of a mix this week, here are a few of the flies i have been tying, sewin / salmon and bass flies. and a few for a Alaska trip coming up, above a Kinermony killer 3/4" inch long copper tube.  
 Above, Kinermony Killer 1" Ally tube,
 The full set of the Kinermony killers,
 Some of the sandeel patterns, for the summer bass fishing.
 Above, a pink organza shrimp.and below organza / DNA shrimp.
 Above, the Tyne Toucan still going strong.
 Size 8 single Toucan,
Above, size 6 double Toucan.

 My piglet, in orange / sunburst colors, this has had a good number of fish over the years.
 The set of piglets, on size 6 double hook.
 Above, The Executioner,
 The set of Executioner's,tied on size 8 & 6 doubles.
 Above, some of the flies i am tying for a Alaska trip.
 Pink egg sucker,
 Orange & sunburst egg sucker,
 Orange egg sucker,
Black and Blue waddington shank with double hook size 8.
 Black waddington,
 Black / pink waddington,
 Black/ yellow waddington,
Black and orange waddington, they are all 11/4" inch long.

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