Sunday, 3 March 2013

Welsh fly fair 2013, Great day.

 Well what a great day yesterday, at the Welsh fly fair. caught up with my old mate well known Welsh great Author and fly fisherman., Moc Morgan. who sadly had to leave early, as he has no been to well of late.  but at least a good few visitors, had a chance to see him tying a few flies in hand. alway worth a long look,

 Another well know local tier and fly fisher, Chris Rawle. it was is first time tying at the show, sure it will not be is last. at this show and others.
 Above, some of Chris's flies.
 Alun Rees, my old mate, have to say a guy with a lot of knowledge of fly tying and casting. i will say have learnt a lot of him in both,
 Another good mate of mine, Dai Cullis top sewin / salmon angler. on the river Neath, showing off his fab ties.  
Above, The Cookshill stand, a MAGICAL place for the fly tier.
 I am very sorry, but this lad i have forgotten his name. but will update soon, his 2nd time at the show and a great up and coming tier. 
 Above Llan Evans, Now have a few things to say about this guy. great tier of small flies and great coffee maker, he always looks after me at the Bala game fair. but he was a bit slow coming forward with last year, hahaha,

 Above Emyr Bresse, an old time at the fly tying shows. and great tier of compition flies
 Above myself, with another old mate of mine. John Graham inventor of the JAMBO  top sewin and salmon angler. plus top fly dresser, Checking out my cascade zonker tube, have known the family from the early 70s. and will say they are all top anglers, 
 Another very good mate of mine, Gareth Lewis, Top micro fly tier and angler. a great guide to get hold of, if you would like to get to grips with. small river trout/ grayling fishing,

 And above, master fly dresser and caster Charles Jarden. he was tying along side me, and will say picked up a lot about small fly tying.
 Another great tier of flies, he ties a fine mayfly. but now tying a lot of salmon flies Dewi Williams.
And above John Graham, with Ray Locker, well known in the area for is river fly tying. and Sec of local club Ponterdawe and Swansea Angling Society. 

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