Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The sewin (seatrout) / salmon season is coming.

 Well the season is near, in my river Towy area it starts April 1st cant wait. have had lots of fly orders coming in here are a few of the flies i have been tying, over the last week or so. but i do need to make a start on my flies soon, or i will have no flies for the off. above some glow in the dark snake flies, tubes and Ally shrimps on doubles. the flies above for north Wales and Sussex.
 Above, 11/4" size 3 waddingtons. Ally shrimps / Toucans tied on trebles sizes 6/8 and 10 plus toucan tubes. those sets are for a angler in Northumberland.
 More waddingtons size 3 and cascade tubes for Scotland.
 Black and orange waddington shank,
 Black and red waddington shank,
 Black and green waddington shank,
 Black and blue wadding shank,
 Black and yellow waddington shank,
 Black waddington shank,
 Black and peacock waddington shank,
 1" Copper tube TyneToucan,
 Size 10 treble Tyne Toucan,
 Size 10 treble Ally shrimp,
 Size 6 double Ally shrimp,
 Size 6 / 8 & 10 treble Tyne Toucans,  and below same size Ally shrimps.
 Black and red 11/2" tube,
 Black & silver 11/2" tube,
 Black & orange 11/2" tube,
 Alexander 11/2" tube,
 Black and blue glow snake fly 11/2"
 Black glow snake fly 11/2"
 Above two sets of my ghost and ginger shrimps, size 6 doubles.
 Ginger shrimp,
 Hen badger shrimp,

 Cock ghost shrimp,
 Plus i have been tying up some pike flies for myself, to go and fish Chew valley soon. Perch pattern,
And above, muddler head pattern, both pike flies tied on 2/0 Ad Swier hooks

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