Sunday, 7 April 2013

Sewin and salmon flies, every one wants flies.

 Well all hell has let loose, fishing season is here. and every one wants flies right now!!, i have not stop tying for weeks. but did get round to tying a few for myself this morning, the ones in my hand are a few. for a fishing trip tomorrow on the river Towy, there have been a few caught. even in the cold weather we have been having, it does not worry the cold. as if the cold has been with use for some time the fish get use to it, it the weather that cant make up its mind. and being cold one day and cold the next, is what kills the fishing. in this weather, get your fly down to were the fish are laying and you could have a take. and there is nothing like having a good sewin this time of the year, a nice fresh bar of silver. that why i have tied the flies in my had on copper tubes, in sizes 1/2" , 3/4" & 1" inch plus a good sinking line you are half way there. but it does help to know also were fish hold up, water craft being a big part of sewin and salmon fishing. 

Above, The Kinermony Killer with Pro sportfisher gold disc and Jungle cock.   
 Above, the Kinermony killer 1" copper, i am also using Pro sportfishers jungle cock cheeks. have to say there fly tying materials are top quality, and i am very lucky that i get there products sent to me to try out.
 1/2" inch copper KK tube,
 Above, Kyley tube on 1/2" inch copper,
 1/2" Copper orange tube, long wing with turbo vented disc again by Pro sportfisher. 
 Same 1/2" copper pink lady, with turbo vented disc.
 Above, purple/ black 1/2" copper, again with turbo vent disc. 
 Above, here are a set of my Snaketruder's, these are for another river Towy angler. who ordered these off me, as he saw them fishing the Towy last season with me and catching good fish.
 Black snaketruder, all these are 41/2" inch long and tied on beading stainless 7 strand plastic coated wire. and very flexi and light, and the movement these give in the water is mind boggling. 
 Orange snaketruder,
 Blue snaketruder,
 Pink snaketruder, this is a very under used color on our rivers. but does fish very well,
 Black / purple snaketruder.
 The set above, are on there way to south Ireland, 
 1/2" Kyley copper tube,
 Orange and yellow, size 8 double.
 Kyley size 8 double,
 Black/red naked piglet,
 And above, loads of my snake flies going out. above a set of mono snakes 13/4" long,
 Above, black and orange, and a black glow in dark snake flies.

 Above, a set of my wire snake flies, tied on the same wire as my snaketruders. these have gone to Aberystwith in mid Wales,
 Above, my take on the Ice maiden,
 Pink snake fly,
And above, Black glow in the dark snake fly,

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