Thursday, 17 December 2015

Season end's, but lots to tie.

Well the 2015 season is at an end in my area, though the season it was great to see so many small sewin(sea run Browns) coming in to the river Towy all season fish in the 11/2lb to 3lb mark. i ended the season with 63 fish, not bad for the time i had fishing. the orders are still coming in with all kinds of styles,
one good thing only 14 weeks before the season starts again.
Above, an intruder tied on 25mm shank black/ yellow.
Same tied on 35mm shank.
Above some secret wepons tied on size 6 b800 Kamasan.
Black and sunburst,
Black and red,
Glow in the dark snake fly,
Close up of glow snake 2" long,
Above, Are some of the Intruders i tied for Sir Gareth Edwards, to fish the Juntion pool on the river Tweed.
Black and yellow,
Pink and Purple,
Orange and yellow,
Yellow orange wing,
Yellow Orange wing,
Orange and black,
These high tied wing intruder wing fished well all though the season.
Sunbrurst and black.

Black and blue,
Squirrel blue and silver glow snake fly,
Black glow snake,
Above group shot, Intruders, waddingtons and snakes. 

A group shot of intruders on shanks and tubes.

Above intruder shanks, all gone to Scotland colours caught well.

Above Intruders tied on tubes,
Above a set tied for a customer in north Wales, tied on size 6 and 8 singles.
Calvin shrimp,
Black size 6,
Blue charm size 6,
Yellow tailed black boar,
Cascade size 6,
Orange shrimp,
Yellow tailed Ally shrimp. 
These zonker cascade have fished well all over the country,
Close up of zonker cascade, tied on size 6 double.
The above set i tied for a customer, he sent me a pattern to copy as he wanted me to copy them for a write up in one of the magazines. its called the Kitchen sink as it has red and blue Jungle cock hot and cold water, plug chain tied in under the tube. wing gray and white marble fox body hackle gray saddle., 
Right side close up,left side below.

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