Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Coming to the end of season, and fishing river Usk.

Hi Guys, Sorry i have not up dated my blog for some time, i have been so busy this year even my fishing has taken second  place. but roll on the new season but we have 17 days left so will make the most of it and get out as much as i can, a lot has happened  this year i have left Deercreek and no longer a pro tier for them. but i have joined two great company's  as a pro tier, they are are Foxy-tails by far the best for all kinds of fly tying goods. but by far the best for there furs just top quality,the other company is Bond-bug well know for there UV resins again just the tops.      

 Well i did manage to have a day on the river Usk last week, and a new beat for me on the lower Llangibby water. there was a little to much water to fish a lot of it, but in the morning did hook a fish but it came adrift soon after hooking it. at 1 oclock we stopped for a cup of coffee and a sandwich and started again about 2.30pm and on my third cast hooked up and this time did land it.

 Above is were i started after the coffee break, this swim has seen fish to 38lb landed here and had seen a few fish so was hope full. 
 Above the fish, being unhooked,

 And above tow photos of the fish,
 And above, the fish going back to the river.
 Above the fly, i changed to a single as there was a lot of leaves in the water.
 As i said in the start,been so busy tying here are a few. top the Kinermony killer on a 1" tube. 
 Close up of tube,
 The same fly on size 6 / 8 &10 partridge doubles.
 And a close up of double,
 Also going well has been my intruders, above my take on the williegunn.
 Close up of the willeigunn intruder.
 Above some of my GP Intruders.
 And above, my sewin night intruders.
 Above some singles for a customer for sewin fishing.
 Above, some secret weapons, with glow in the dark beads.
 Close up of fly.
 Some more Secret weapons in black & blue.

 Above, close up of the black & blues.

 And above, some more secret weapons.

 Above, are some of the sewin (sea run browns) caught this season.
 Above some more sewin, singles
 A close up of the Daioni,
 And a few of the snake flies i use myself for my sewin fishing.
 Black and orange,
 Black and red,
Black ,
 Black and blue,
 Squirrel blue and silver
 And black and yellow.

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