Monday, 29 February 2016

British Fly Fair International show. 2016

Well, I am a bit late putting this post up, as the show was three weeks ago. but have to say the show just gets better every year, Steve and Bridgette Copper have done it again, and from what i have hear the show is going to be far bigger in 2017 cant wait. well here are a few photos i did take of the show,   

 Gareth Lewis, one of the five Welsh tiers.
 And Liam Walsh, first time at the show but sure not the last.
IIan Evens from north Wales,
 And tying next to me was, Paul Slaney.
 And the last Welsh man, yours truly ,
 Also at the show Jo Stephenson.
 A great tier of salmon flies,
 Matthew Pate, A Welsh ma tying on the Partridge stand.
 Frank Moors, tying his salmon flies.
 The Veniards boys, 
 And on the Veniards stand, Gayle March, top girl with a camera and fly tying.
 Keith Wallington.
 The Foxy-tails stand,
 Cookshill stand,
 Sean Stanton, francnsnaelda stand, with Stuart Foxall tying.
 David Miller Stand, This guy can paint for sure.
 John Williams right, helping out new comers to tying. plus Alun Rees having a chat.
 Johan Put, great tying here.
 Some small shrimp flies being tied here, not pike flies this year. by Rent.
 Another pike tier,
 Peter Mccallum, f.rom Scotland
 Paul Doing is bit,

 And the one and only, tying his great flies.
 Some of the flies i tied at the show,
 Some Ally shrimps,
 Some prawns,
 And some Intruder Prawns.

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