Thursday, 10 April 2014

New season, underway.

Well the 2014 season is underway, but with the rivers up with flood water. not had many reports in of sewin off the river Towy only a few lost big fish, it is a good time of year for the big sewin to put in a show.  plus have not had the time to get out and have a fish. just been very busy tying for customers so making the most of it, till the river comes down ti a fly fishing level. 

 Above, Is a set of flies i tied this morning, for a customer who is fishing on the river Towy Saturday. so tied him up flies that i am sure the fish will see in the water dropping back, as we are not having more rain and the river drop 21/2 foot in the last few days.
A few of my glow in the dark snake flies, there have been a lot of demand for this pattern.
 Close up of my glow in dark, Squirrel blue and silver snake fly.
 Standard Squirrel blue and silver snake fly.
 Above a set of flies, off to the north of England.
 A close up of the Calvin shrimp.
 Above, the Tyne Toucan on a size six double.
 Above, the Kinermony Killer tube, 1" long.
 And above, my take on the Cascade, with barred zonker strip.
 Above, a set of flies off to Scotland, for an angler fishing the Scottish river Dee.
 Above the Kinermoney Killer double.
 Yellow Tyne Toucan, on a double.
And a Orange Tyne Toucan,
 And the Ally shrimp double,
 And a set of General practitioner , in sizes 14 up to size six. again for the Scottish river Dee.
 Above, a close up of the GP Shrimp.
 And again, these are for the river Dee. a fly called the yellow Dolly,
 A close up of the yellow dolly, tied on size 14 BMD hook.
 These shrimps, are again for the same angler on the river Dee. tied on sizes 10, 8 and 6 hooks,
 A close up of the shrimp, he is having a go with this pattern for the salmon.
 This one still in demand, the Tyne Toucan off to the boarders.
 Toucan double, size 8.
 And a Toucan tied on 1" tube cone head,
 My Glow in dark snake flies, are in big demand this season. Squirrel blue and silver, plus the black snake. i have tied in a light green bead, which when charged with a torch gives off a low glow.
 This pattern has also be very popular the last two seasons, Barred zonker cascade . 1" and 1/2" tubes.
 Above, 1" inch barred zonker cascade.
 And above, a pattern i use a lot, tied like above on a Partridge waddington shank. i also tie them on tubes and double and single hooks, great fish catcher for both sewin and salmon.
 Above, the Towy all rounder, tied on a 1" inch shank.
And the all rounder tied on a 11/4" inch shank.

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  1. Hello Dai, I have just joined Cross Hands & District, this is the first time I've fished the Towy. What tackle and flies would you recommend? Bill