Thursday, 24 April 2014

River Usk salmon and flies.

Well, my mate Ken has been at it again, the salmon on the river Usk just seem to like him. when others are finding it slow he is doing well, below are a few photos of the fish.
Ken's Airflo Enigma rod is working over time, 

 Above Ken's 17lb fish,
 Ken's 12lb fish,
 And this one 10lb, as you can see all fish just bright bars of silver.
 Above a set of flies for sewin, for fishing the river Dovey.
 Above, My take on the Alexander.
Blue charm,
 Black and yellow,
 Black and red,
 Black and pearl,
 Squirrel and blue,
 Above, a set of Partridge waddington shanks size 3. these are off to Scotland,
 Black and red waddington,
 Black and orange,
 Squirrel blue and silver,
 More flies going to Scotland, above.
 Kinermony Killer 1" inch tube,
 Yellow and orange zonker, size 6.
 Black and orange shrinp, size 8.
 Yellow and orange shrimp,
 Toucan double size 6,
 Silver wilkinson, size 6 double.
 Above tubes 11/2" and 1" inch long, these have gone to the USA.
 Above Alexander tube,
 Black tube,
 Black and orange,
 Black and red tube,
 Above, Alexander on size 6 single,
 Black and red size 4 & 6,
 Black and yellow, sizes 4 & 6.
 Above, Blue charm size 6 & 8.
Squirrel blue and silver size 6 & 8.

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