Thursday, 13 March 2014

1st River Usk springer, of the year.

 Well my mate Ken Evans, who must be one of the most constant salmon angers on the river Usk. did take the first salmon off the river Usk this season, a stunning cock springer of 35 inches long. and with sea lice, he had it on a new set up i got from him at the end of last season. he had a go of one of my Airflo Enigma salmon rods and fell in love with it, so he had to have one and not looked back. 
 Ken, Has been a very good friend of mine for a number of years, very good angler on both the rivers Usk and Wye. and above is a book he wrote over the years, and put it in print in 2012 a great read. get hold of it sure you will love the read, the book is about the river Taff and on the cover my old mate Spencer John laying out a line.  

 Been very busy still tying, the ties above are off to the river Dovey. for the sewin,
 Above, my take on the Medicine, on a size 6 single. 
 And again, on a double, size 12 kamasan.
 Above is a pattern of mine, that has fished well both for sewin and salmon.
 More doubles above, sizes 6, 10 and 12.

 Above, some flies for the river Towy. salmon and sewin,
 Above, Squirrel blue and silver, sizes 6 and 8 singles.
 Above, green butt orange shrimp. size 8 and 10 trebles.
 Above, Cascade doubles, size 8 and 10.
 Ally shrimp on doubles, size 8 and 10.
 Above, Stoats tail on doubles size 8 and 10.
 The set above, gone off to the river Usk,
 Above the orange Toucan,
 Above, the fly that just catches on all rivers, the Cascade.
 Did manage to tie a few for myself, above the Towy all rounder great sewin and salmon fly.
 And tied a few Partridge waddingtons, in colors that just catch.

 And above, orange and yellow Franc N Snaelda tube.
Plus a few tubes, for the river Towy 11/4" inch long.

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